Choosing The Right Contractor For The Job

Any home project that needs to be done can be a little daunting. It requires more skill than you have so you really need a professional. It’s also, if you’re a home owner, more costly and makes you a little nervous because you want the work done right but you also want it to be reasonable without breaking the bank. No one likes to be house poor after all. Here are a few tips to note in helping you choose the best contractor whether it’s fore mold remediation, plumbing or roof work. Great general guidelines for all trades.


This may seem pretty obvious. We all ask our family and friends who they chose for a particular house project that they recently had done. Recommendations and referrals are so improtant and contractors know that. In the day of online reviews and social media, companies know this more than ever. It is still the best form of advertising. It rarely steers you wrong. Businesses rely on their reputation.

Phone Interview

After you have a list of a few recommendations or some online prospects you’ve done your homework on yourself, you can make a time-effective effort in calling these companies to get a general feel fro how they treat customers and do business. Are they friendly and helpful in answering your questions? Did they call you back in a timely manner? This shows they respect your time and you as a potential customer. This will help you narrow done the companies you want to investigate further.

Meet In Person

From that smaller list of prospects you are now willing to invite these potential contractors ¬†over to your home to bid on the work. Meeting in person will also give you an even better feel for hwo you’d envision this company that you’d hire.

Comparison Shop

Never put all your eggs in one basket.” We’ve all heard that phrase time and time again. Don’t rely on just one contractor’s quote. There are a sea of companies to choose from in any city. Find out all the ins and outs and see what matters most to you. You will find the company that suits you. The internet makes it such a better experience to comparison shop as opposed to even a decade ago. For instance, we were deciding on what contractor to choose for some solar work and through recommendations it came down to a company that I could not research online because they didn’t have a website and this company becasue not only did they have their website,, but they also had a Facebook- reputable home services and Twitter account.

Discuss Payment Schedule

A payment schedule isn’t something that should be avoided in conversation. It’s a key piece of information adn everyone needs to be on the same page. Does the contractor require everything up front? This is big information to have. Especially if it’s a roofer wanting $20,000 upfront for work that hasn’t even started yet. Hopefully you’ve dont your due diligence and are dealing with a local, reputable company. This will ensure a contractor won’t run off with your money before work has been completed. So always, know what money is due to exchange hands up front.

Contracts CYA

Contracts are a beautiful thing. Don’t be scared of them. They cover your investment AND the contractor as well. Let’s be real 0 not every homeowner is on the up and up either. So contracts CYA on both ends. What’s CYA? It stands for Cover Your Ass. And that’s a great thing.

Look At The Whole Picture

After you have all the information from the above tips, you have a better idea to make the assessment on which contractor to hire. With all the information at hand, don’t just focus on price. Some may be higher or lower in regards to the project and labor cost but there are other factors to consider. Such as the ones mentioned above. You get what you pay for after all. If you’re leaning toward a vendor that is a little higher in cost, this may be rightfully so. They may do superior work with a great reputation and those are factors that are WORTH more. Choosing the cheapest contractor could also leave you with poor quality craftsmanship. If it’s a larger company, there may be more overhead¬†cost on their company end to cover which is different than a local, smaller contractor with less overhead. In which case, if all things bein equal, choosing the smaller business contractor may make more sense.

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Best Decking Material – Wood or Composite?

Top 3 Reasons To Go Composite


A composite deck may cost a little more money up front but in the long run, there are less maintenance costs. Over time, a wood deck will need to be resealed. If you hire someone or do it yourself, you’re still continuing the investment with time and materials for yourself or a contractor. Composite decking stands up against more elements than wood. If your deck in the open sun or shaded by trees, an awning or permanent overhang? These factors play a role in the timeframe of upkeep.

One Time Investment

As mentioned above, though the inital investment is higher for a composite deck, the life of the deck will stretch much further without the upkeep. Natural materials are great but do need more care more often.

Design Options

Yes, there certainly are any number of color stais out there to cover real wood. But the excitement and the future of deck living is in composite. Since it’s engineered, any color combination is possible. So many choices. It only makes sense to invest in a material with the shelf life you expect in this day and age of performance materials built for a lifetime.



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