Best Decking Material – Wood or Composite?

Top 3 Reasons To Go Composite


A composite deck may cost a little more money up front but in the long run, there are less maintenance costs. Over time, a wood deck will need to be resealed. If you hire someone or do it yourself, you’re still continuing the investment with time and materials for yourself or a contractor. Composite decking stands up against more elements than wood. If your deck in the open sun or shaded by trees, an awning or permanent overhang? These factors play a role in the timeframe of upkeep.

One Time Investment

As mentioned above, though the inital investment is higher for a composite deck, the life of the deck will stretch much further without the upkeep. Natural materials are great but do need more care more often.

Design Options

Yes, there certainly are any number of color stais out there to cover real wood. But the excitement and the future of deck living is in composite. Since it’s engineered, any color combination is possible. So many choices. It only makes sense to invest in a material with the shelf life you expect in this day and age of performance materials built for a lifetime.



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